Your sweet little home in St. Anton am Arlberg

holidays in on of the oldest houses of St. Anton

You can either book one of our apartements or rent the entire house as chalet Brunnenhof for you and your loved ones!


Our chalet can accommodate up to 14 people and has its own log cabin sauna in the garden for relaxation after a hard day's skiing. Depending on your wishes, rooms of different sizes - small, medium or large - are available. All rooms have their own bathroom.


Rent one of our two individually furnished apartements. Our cosy Apartement has space for 4 adults. You will have two bedrooms (either twin beds or double bed), two bathrooms and one living room with open kitchen.

Our big apartement has space for 10-12 adults (+2kids). You  can chose within seven bedrooms - with different sices. All bedrooms provide their own bathroom. You have one huge living room with open fire place, and open kitchen.

Experience a special time in the one of the oldest farmhouses of St Anton am Arlberg. Our Chalet Brunnenhof is more than 350 years old - rebuilt into a luxury Chalet. The Brunnenhof is a unique place, with designer ambience to feel good. Sometimes you need something special - not an artificial luxury, but convincing quality. The Brunnenhof is an old farmhouse, converted into a youthful, fresh chalet.

You're looking for freedom, nature and space - that's what St. Anton and the Arlberg have to offer. Enjoy the wonderful landscape, the breathtaking mountains and the fresh air. The area around our Brunnenhof offers many opportunities to be active.


Each of our apartment is individual. The building fabric, which we treat with respect, dictates the planning. Complete peace and quiet - no other house up to the edge of the forest, neither street nor outgoing noise will disturb your night's sleep.

The sauna is housed in an old barn in the garden of the BRUNNENHOF. You can refresh yourself directly in the snow outside.

Perfect tranquillity - no other house as far as the edge of the forest, neither street noise nor noise from the nightlife will disturb your night's rest. However, you are not far from the hiking and skiing area. A bus takes you to the hiking and skiing area of St Anton am Arlberg in 3-5 minutes. A free ski depot - right next to the lift - where you can store your ski utensils is available.

a special atmosphere

Boutique lifestyle: Are you drawn to something a little more genuine and authentic?

Great! So are we! From one of the oldest farmhouses in St. Anton, we have created a unique Chalet, a charming and inspiring place full of character and warmth.

Desginer Hotel in St. Anton im Tiroler Style

In the Brunnenhof the guest is the focus of our attention. We have also followed this belief in the design of our rooms and common areas. The renovated rooms and the architecture of the 300 year old farmhouse offer plenty of space for your private retreat - places where elegance and wellbeing are at home.

The area surrounding the Brunnenhof has also inspired the interior design. Materials such as wood, leather and natural stone create a refined atmosphere. The designs of Tricia Guild using clear features offer the ideal setting for relaxation and can be felt in every room. The perfect colour tones and accents gives the luxary chalet a homely ambiance.

The Brunnenhof in St. Anton is characterised by a friendly and bright ambience, with warm colours embedded in the landscape of the Arlberg. You can unwind and leave everyday life behind and enjoy a carefree time in the newly designed fireplace lounge. The Brunnenhof is a place for all those who love something special and like to spend an enjoyable holiday in St. Anton am Arlberg.

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